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TM 9-2320-280-10 2-112 Change 1 2-13.   OPERATION OF VEHICLE LIGHT SWITCH a.  To illuminate instrument panel: (1)  Lift unlock lever (2) to “UNLOCK” and hold in position. (2)  Turn selector switch lever (1) to any “ON” position except “B.O. MARKER.” (3)  Turn auxiliary lever (3) to “DIM” or “PANEL BRT” (bright). b.  For normal daylight driving, turn selector lever (1) to “STOPLIGHT.” c.  For night driving, turn selector lever (1) to “SERVICE DRIVE.” The headlight dimmer foot switch is depressed to provide high beam service light operation. The indicator light (4) on the instrument panel should illuminate when high beams are operating. d.  In blackout operations: (1)  When driving vehicle, turn selector lever (1) to “B.O. DRIVE.” (2)  When vehicle is parked, turn selector lever (1) to “B.O. MARKER.” e.  To illuminate parked vehicle at night (if tactical situation permits): (1)  Keep selector lever (1) in “SERVICE DRIVE.” (2)  Turn auxiliary lever (3) to “PARK.” f.   Move turn signal lever up for right turns, down for left turns. g.  For hazard warning lights (blinking lights): NOTE •  For vehicles built prior to 1990, the warning flashers override operation of the brake lights. For vehicles built in 1990 and after, a brake light override feature is installed. •  The headlights cannot be turned on when auxiliary lever (3) is in the “PARK” position. (1)  Turn selector lever (1) to “SERVICE DRIVE” or “STOPLIGHT.” (2)  Pull warning hazard tab out and move turn signal lever up to lock lever in place. (3)  To deactivate, move turn signal lever back to neutral. h.  For horn operation, turn selector lever (1) to either “STOPLIGHT” or “SERVICE DRIVE.”


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