Quantcast Section II. EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION 1-5.  EQUIPMENT  CHARACTERISTICS,  CAPABILITIES,  AND  FEATURES The components of the EES kit are used to equip an M1037 truck for operation and use in the Traffic Jam AN/TLQ-17A(V)3 (HMMWV) system. 1-6. LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION OF INTERIOR COMPONENTS A B c D E A B C FUEL GAGE   - Located in instrument cluster and indicates fuel level. Must be PN C5136384 (see para l-l). ENGINE OIL PRESSURE GAGE -   Located  in  instrument  cluster  and indicates  oil  pressure  while  engine  is  running.  Must  be  PN  C5136382 (see  para  l-l). HAND THROTTLE CABLE   - Located in cab near instrument cluster and used in setting engine rpm while vehicle is in stationary position. COOLANT TEMPERATURE GAGE -   Located  in  instrument  cluster  and  indi- cates  engine  coolant  temperature.   Must be PN C5136383 (see para l-l). TACH/HOURMETER  BOX  -   Located in cab and attached to engine access cover and houses tachometer and hourmeter. FUEL  GAGE D ENGINE  OIL  PRESSURE  GAGE E NAND THROTTLE CABLE COOLANT TEMPERATURE GAGE TACH/HOURMETER BOX 1-3

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