Quantcast Transmission Fluid Temperature (TFT) Sensor Circuit High (Low Temperature Indicated)

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TM 9-2320-280-20-1 TRANSMISSION  SYSTEM (4L80-E) REFERENCE  INFORMATION DTC 59 Transmission Fluid Temperature (TFT) Sensor Circuit High (Low Temperature Indicated) Circuit  Description: The TFT sensor is a thermistor that controls the signal voltage to the TCM. The TCM supplies a 5-volt reference signal to the sensor on TWC Pin “L.” When the transmission fluid is cold, the sensor resistance is high and the TCM will sense high signal voltage. As  the  transmission  fluid  temperature  warms  to normal  transmission  operating  temperature  212°F (100°C), the sensor resistance becomes less and the voltage  decreases  to  approximately  1.5  to  2.0  volts. DTC 59 Will Set When: .  Signal  voltage  indicates  TFT  less  than -34°F  (-37°C). l Condition is met for 1 second. DTC 68 Transmission Component Slipping Circuit  Description: The TCM monitors the difference in engine Speed and input Speed. DTC 68 Will Set When: l TCC slip speed greater than 200 RPM. l Fourth gear is indicated. l TCC is locked. l Not in park/neutral. l  All  conditions  are  met  for  2  seconds. DTC 69 Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) Stuck “ON” Circuit  Description: The  TCM  commands  the  TCC  PWM  solenoid  “ON” by  modulating  TCC  signal  fluid  acting  on  the converter  clutch  shift  vaIve.  Then  TCC  fluid  applies the  torque  converter  clutch. DTC 69 Will Set When: l TCC slip speed RPM indicates between -5 and +10  RPM. . TCC solenoid is commanded “OFF.” l TP sensor signal is greater than 25%. DTC 71 Engine Speed, Sensor Circuit Low Circuit  Description: The camshaft position sensor (CPS) detects the rotational  speed  of  the  camshaft.  As  the  camshaft rotates, an AC signal is generated in the circuit. This signal provides the input to determine engine speed for use in various calculations including TCC slip speed and overdrive ratio. DTC 71 Will Set When: l Engine speed less than 50 rpm l Transmission range indicates, R, D4, D3, or D1. l Conditions are met for 2 seconds. l Trans range switch indicates D3 or D4. l Commanded gear indicates 2nd or 3rd gear. l All conditions are met for 2 seconds. 2-424


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