Quantcast S250 SHELTER CARRIERS (M1037 AND M1042)

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TM 9-2320-280-10 1-15. S250 SHELTER CARRIERS (M1037 AND M1042) a. Differences. The only difference between the M1037 shelter carrier and the M1042 shelter carrier is that the M1037 does not have a winch and the M1042 does. This difference affects: Vehicle Length Vehicle Weight Shipping Dimensions Approach Angle Special Winch-Assisted Operations It does not affect the basic purpose, performance, or special limitations of the vehicles. b. Purpose of the Vehicle. The M1037 and M1042 shelter carriers provide the capability to secure and transport  the  S250  electrical  equipment  shelter  with  a  total  payload  (including  crew)  of  3,600  pounds  (1,634 kilograms). The M1042 is equipped with a winch. This feature permits recovery operations of similar vehicles. c. Performance. Fully-loaded M1037 and M1042 shelter carriers will climb road grades as steep as 60% (31°) and traverse a side slope of up to 40% (22°).    The  vehicles  ford  hard  bottom  water  crossings  up  to  30 inches (76 centimeters) without a deepwater fording kit and 60 inches (152 centimeters) with the kit. Refer to table 1-15 for cruising range. d. Special Limitations. None. e. Special Instructions in the Manual. (1) Refer to paragraph 2-2, Controls, Indicators, and Equipment. (2) Refer to chapter 2, section V, Cargo/Troop Carrier and S250 Shelter Carrier Operation. 1-16


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